Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Other Side of Midnight

I must confess, many of us, at one moment or another,have been soothsayers of apocalypse. The CWG has generated humour, cynicism and prophesies of doom. Yes there have been genuine debates as to whether a developing country can afford to be lavish in its expenses on a sporting extravaganza when other priorities seem more significant and pressing. As a consequence, it has also be argued, whether, if at all the games were to be held in India, it ought to be held in the capital given the perceived step-motherly treatment toward the rest of the country. The CWG has also been theoretically scrutinized by intellectuals and academics in terms of it being a perpetuation of imperialism. But the fact that these concerns have been voiced is because all of us cherish one core value: we love India.

It is time that we shed the history of ineptitude and corruption and prove to ourselves that in spite of the many discouragements and adverse representations, we are among the best in the comity of nations. Let us acknowledge and respect much good that has been done and let us restore pride in ourselves. Let us encourage our sports-persons. We have a wonderful national anthem, let's sing it out loud. The school I went to many moons ago had for its motto 'For God and Country'. Lets celebrate India.


  1. isn't it confutable that at one hand we are vigorously proving India as developed country and at the same time celebrating imperialism being the part of CWG.....?

  2. As You said in one of the lectures,"The identity of a citizen is its passport" (Perhaps while teaching Ghos's "The Shadow Lines")and now we do have(more likely)UID. I do adore our nationality, national anthem and much more beyon words. I do adore our nation for many things have not been shown by the the media regarding CWG. I do lend a hand to celebrate India.