Monday, March 22, 2010

Battle for Peace through professional maturity: Marya

As we gear up to celebrate Bihar Diwas, it would be befitting to acknowledge not only the those that have made it to the history books but the many who are doing their work with courage, responsibility and sensitivity. I feel proud to acknowledge the equanimity and professional maturity of another former student Marya Shakil, media professional for CNN-IBN who just wrote to say:

I was recently in the riot hit Bareilly town of Western UP...reported from the ground zero for two days...we like all other news channels had reached the spot 10 days after the communal violence...the town was under curfew for 10 was my duty to report facts and also perhaps cross check opinions which were being sold to the press as facts...

on one occasion i saw two shops inflame...but waited for the DGP to tell get to the genesis of this incident...while other channels rushed through the information and flashed saying 'violence erupts in bareilly again'///// the DGP later told us it was short circuit...i held on to the shots and information for few hours...even if DGP was hiding the fact as the reporter on ground i had chosen to not tell my channel so that it doesnt ignite the tension since most people were indoors glued to their tv sets...
We can celebrate Bihar Day with greater relevance by acknowledging all those from the state who have made a difference.

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