Sunday, March 28, 2010

Golf and Hometown Nostalgia

The Jurist's Cup in Patna Golf Club played over the 27th/28th March weekend at endurance-testing 41 degrees centigrade brought to the fore both character and a spontaneous overflow of hometown sentiments. Speaking at the concluding function Justice Aftab Alam, Judge Supreme Court of India, who flew down to Patna for the tournament along with Justice C.K.Prasad, said that while the infrastructure and amenities are perhaps far better in many other clubs than the golf club in Patna, this is his home -course and the love and the warmth that he has experienced here cannot be replicated anywhere else. The difference between this club and many others is that PGC is truly a sporting institution that encourages and nurtures young talent whereas many of the more fancied names are often mere social sanctuaries for the privileged upwardly mobile. Very specially he mentioned the talent of Aman Raj Sinha who has played excellently in the National Junior circuit.

Patna may have many shortcomings, judged from the perspective of metropolitan facilities but what this city has is a heart. It has a soul. And with these in the right place, if you have ever belonged, you belong forever.

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