Thursday, June 24, 2010

Compiling a Bibliography (to reduce the phone bills of my researchers)

Bibliography is the record of the sources of information and opinions that is used for research/ study. This is cited at the end of a research paper.


1. Author’s full name (last name first)
2. Full title (including subtitle, if any)
3. Edition (if 2nd or later ed.)
4. Number of the volume (if multivolume)
5. City of publication
6. Publisher’s Name
7. Year of publication.

Loomba, Ania. Colonialism/ Postcolonialism. London
and New York: Routledge, 1999

Article in a Scholarly Journal

1. Author’s Name (last name first)
2. Title of the article
3. Title of the journal
4. Volume no.
5. Year of publication
6. Page nos. (Beginning to end of article)

Vertanov Anri. “Television as Spectacle
and Myth.” Journal of Communication
41 (1991): 162-71

Newspaper/ Magazine Article

1. Author’s Name (last name first)
2. Title of the article
3. Title of the periodical
4. Date of publication
5. Inclusive page nos. of the article

Suri, Sanjay. “Visa for Cream.” Outlook
27 Mar. 2006: 30-32

Internet Source

1. Author’s Name
2. Title of the document
3. Title of the scholarly project/ database,
periodical/ professional/ personal site
4. Name of the editor of that site
5. Date of electronic publication or last update
6. Name of institution/ organization associated with the site
7. Date of access (of the source)
8. Network address/ URL (uniform resource locator)

Kumar, Amitava. “ The Hybrid Identity”. The Diaspora Project.
Ed. Gayatri Spivak Chakravarty. Mar.2005. Stanford U.
15 Mar.2006 .


  1. Don't tell me this is what the scholars have come to! No one spoon feeds better than you. Thankfully you taught me something different to do! Remember the three whips!

  2. Less use of the cell phone protects the brain from harmful electro-magnetic interference.
    What's the story of the three whips? This is beginning to sound like Marquis de Sade.