Saturday, June 5, 2010


The heat is getting hotter and the humidity is getting muggier. Over the years, the desire for greater comfort by a post-liberalization avaricious middle class, more appliances, bigger sedans on congested roads, polluting public transport, more polluting official government vehicles, computers left on endlessly, garbage hills, plastic colonialism, chopping trees in the name of development, aggressive non-vegetarianism ...... (the list is endless) has led to growing emissions of greenhouse gasses and climate change.

I remember the 60s when strong surface winds from the west made Patna dry through the summer months until the start of the rains. I cannot remember power cuts or power break-downs. But economists tell us we are a developing nation and who are we to argue with specialists? But I seem to remember something; a specialist is one who knows more and more about less and less until s/he knows everything about nothing. But to unclutter the mind of data and specialized discourses: here is something we can all do to make a small difference. Switch off power when we don't need it, use water sparingly, walk shorter distances(an important man/woman seen walking does not make the person less important- beacon lights are trappings of insecurity), plant trees and save the existing ones and if we can help it let us not contribute to making Patna a garbage hill-station.

On World Environment Day, spread some environment literacy to those who don't know and to those who know but haven't cared.


  1. An instructive blog on world environment Day! The pity is that our entire planning is of no use either for the common man or for the environment. Roads are constructed but there are no pavements where one can walk. The common man faces power cuts not the high and the mighty. The common man uses one vehicle to carry 5 -6-7 people (I have seen many more in Maruti 800s) while the big-wigs have a cavalcade of sedans! where are the parks and gardens? Gandhi Maidan looks treeless and has becomne a place for all melas and gatherings! Thank God for the small Shahod Pir ali Khan Park! Its a treat to the eyes compared to the S.K. Puri park which is undergoing a face lift!

  2. And don't forget to sing "The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind" while trying to get the sand out of your eyeballs in the middle of an afternoon dust storm!