Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kabhi Kabhi

With the temperatures being unkind, and the effects of climate change insidiously effecting cerebral systems, some of the blog space in the recent past has been designated to the celebration of madness. Talking of madness, it is not necessarily a condition for surreptitious sniggers. Sometimes it is another name for an alternative discourse that resists the dominant. And often the dominant is madder than the alternative. Sometimes it is also a kind of wisdom that enables its beneficiaries to escape the gravity of pride. Here's news of some rare sanity.

Over midweek, I was pleasantly surprised at the unbelievably professional functioning of a recruitment commission belonging to the Government of Bihar. And what was truly significant is the system of efficiency and confidentiality that they have developed. It is said that a truly good organisation is one which is least visible and most productive. This place illustrates that virtue.
I was wondering how this magic could have been scripted. Its strength lies in its leadership; its Chairman Mr. Amarendra Singh is a very fine person with rare soft skills and professional integrity.

It did not take too long to discover that he was once a student of the Department of English, Patna University.

P.S. Why aren't most people as nice as those who have studied English?


  1. First, they can be nice if they have actually studied the English, second, they can be nice if they have been taught by great teachers of English ....
    But most important is the fact that Bihar is springing more than just a few very pleasant surprises!

  2. This indeed is a surprise.... Kudos to Mr. Singh for the work he is doing. But my attention is going to the PS. Aren't we falling in the danger of generalizing: Why aren't most people as nice as those who have studied English?
    Maybe we don't meet those 'nice' people who haven't studied English?

  3. Or may be we have met the not-so-nice people who haven't studied English.

    P.S. Subsidiary at a stretch will do.

  4. We have also met the 'not-so-nice people' who have studied English (+ subsidiary): they are in abundance in your work place and mine too. Please do not marginalize them! what would we do without them?

  5. We'd have nothing to crib about and the earth would have rotated on its axis and revolved around the sun without satire.

  6. Uhhhh...that's unimaginable....not objects to satirize..... Dryden and swift would have been bored to death and we? Thank God for the Depts. of English and the people in them!