Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Moral Science after School

Many of us, who dabble in postcolonial anxieties need to have a look at the recently concluded British elections.In this area, the debates often get into an undesirable area of competitive superiority, indicating chauvinistic evaluation rather than analysis. Evaluation of culture, of morality, of materiality, even of dental hygiene. Few do look at the relationship in terms of a set of complex negotiations and exchange.

There are some lessons that India can carry home in the proverbial doggy bag from the recently concluded British elections: that some public duties are matters of principles rather than cynical opportunism and Samsonites stashed with cash, occasionally deposited in the bank by sophomores to the new college for scoundrels.

Before the elections got under way Lib. Dem. Nick Clegg had categorically stated that he would be inclined to support the party that gets the majority of the seats in parliament. And that's what he did, despite the last minute efforts by Gordon Brown to strike an alternative deal. In the bargain, he became the Dy. Prime Minister. Goes to show that you are not always left sucking your thumb if you are principled.

It is a lesson that our wolves-in-sheep's clothing can learn.But is that too much to ask from the contemporary dandies from the world's celebrated ancient civilisation?


  1. But oh! 'Twas a glorious election, with one section of the disgruntled Brits screaming blue murder because they were cheesed off over the ballot ballet,and the other section tut-tutting into their lukewarm froth about winning percentages. A bit of a flap over the vintage, and who's paying the 100 pipers who were ever so vainglorious on NDTV? Poor Lib-Dems .. better take lessons from the masters in horse sh.. er trading... an opportunity for our wolves-in-baa baa skin to start a skool for skandal and make a killin' what?
    Pass the muffins please, and just one lump thankyou!

  2. Or may be cucumber sandwiches and Laphroig to ease the throat.