Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Clip on Asses and Horses

The other day, giving in to the frustrations of abject despair, a civil servant had said,'I can't turn asses into horses.' I retreated into a corner, like little Jack Horner, sank into a bean bag and contemplated the exasperation. At the philosophical level, I could not agree with the statement. Why do we need to turn asses into horses anyway? The ass has a right to its identity as much as a horse does. Even from an anthropocentric point of view, an ass has as much use as a horse. If it does not have the latter's speed, it has greater tenacity. Intelligence or the absence of it is merely an assumption. And even if, we ride the wings of popular stereotyping and do grant horses superior intelligence, just because the British aristocracy rode horses or still do if there is any aristocracy left in that country, it is politically unacceptable to indicate shortcomings in creatures with special needs. Even if David Cameron delivers victory to the Tories.


  1. Dear Sir,
    You have , in a witty and suggestive way ,pointed out the need on the part of the human beings to revise their relationships with other creatures inhabiting the earth.They are not our servants but our fellow beings and when a crafty ,cruel and immoral person is compared with a beast, is it not an injustice unto that beast?

  2. An Ass is an epitome of labour, thus it is not surprising that it gets ridiculed, as it is a tendency of people in power to ridicule those who don't belong to there class(mental labour over physical labour). I wish I can work as hard as an ass.